Measure, Track and Compare your Total Body Composition with the most accurate, detailed, convenient and proven method available


It's hard to change what you don't know. Get personalized, accurate and detailed Total Body Composition Reports with the most advanced, scientifically proven and medical grade testing method available: DEXA

BodyComp, Inc. is a Body Composition and Body Fat Testing company based in San Diego. We offer our mobile DEXA scan services to Crossfit Boxes, gyms, training facilities, athletes, individuals and others who are serious about their health and fitness in San Diego and throughout Southern California.

Scan fully clothed in an average of 5 minutes while lying comfortably on your back

DEXA (DXA) enables you to make better informed decisions about your lifestyle, eating habits, workout regimen and more by accurately measuring your total body and regional body composition. A baseline DEXA report identifies the pounds and percentages of Body Fat, Lean Mass and Bone Mineral Content within your arms, legs, trunk, android and gynoid regions. Use this precise data to make changes in your lifestyle and make quicker gains in the weight room. Repeat scans offer a comparative analysis that is unlike any other body composition testing method available with calculated, visual and charted variations.