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We are a San Diego Body Fat Testing, Body Composition Testing and Bone Density Testing mobile DEXA Scan company operating under licensed physician supervision and employing licensed and experienced body composition testing professionals. We enable you to make more informed decisions about your overall health, lifestyle, workout regimen, eating habits, nutrition, and much more.

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If you’re looking for Body Composition Testing in San Diego, look no further. Take advantage of our scientifically proven DEXA technology.

Body Composition Testing

Track & Measure Body Fat

As a San Diego Body Fat Testing company, we help you identify, measure, and track your Body Fat percentage, regional body fat, and more.

Body Fat Testing

Gauge Your Bone Health

We offer Bone Density Testing in San Diego helping you determine your bone health and lower your risk of fracture and Osteoporosis.

Bone Density Testing

Why Choose DEXA for Body Fat Testing?

DEXA (DXA) technology is scientifically proven and produces extremely precise, accurate, detailed, and data rich information about your Body Composition, Body Fat, and Bone Density. DEXA continuously proves to be a more accurate Body Composition and Body Fat Testing method than its competitive alternatives including, but not limited to Hydrostatic Weighing, BodPods, and Bio Impedance.

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Mobile DEXA Scan & Body Fat Testing Company In San Diego

BodyComp - Helping You Improve Your Health By Measuring Your Body

BodyComp is a San Diego Body Fat Testing, Body Composition Testing, and Bone Density Testing mobile DEXA Scan company. We bring you medically advanced and scientifically proven DEXA technology.

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DEXA Scan Pricing & Packages

BodyComp provides you with an affordable and convenient opportunity to use advanced DEXA Scan technology, giving you an accurate reading of your body composition and bone health. Empower yourself by better understanding your body. Stop guessing and choose DEXA.

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DEXA Scan Education

We are continuously adding educational resources to our website. Whether you would like to read a blog article, have a question, or want to see how our DEXA works for you, we provide you with the right information.

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